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Patient Demographics and Recruitment

The Center for Pharmaceutical Research has access to over 60,000 Kansas City volunteers including the following populations:

  •   Pediatrics
  •   Adolescents
  •   Adults
  •   Geriatrics
  •   Diverse races and ethnicities

At The Center for Pharmaceutical Research, our volunteers are honored guests. Over 95% of our volunteers report being satisfied with their clinical trial experience and over 90% request to be considered for future studies. Our coordinators take time to know their volunteers personally. As a result, volunteer retention is extremely high and previous participants refer many of our new study volunteers.

Our subsidiary, PharmAsyst, specializes in volunteer recruitment. PharmAsyst develops a recruitment plan for each study, implements the recruitment strategy, and pre-screens subjects by phone.

PharmAsyst's practiced expertise focuses our recruitment efforts and ensures efficient, effective use of the sponsor's recruitment investment. As a result, The Center for Pharmaceutical Research consistently over-enrolls in most studies we conduct.

Our most effective subject recruitment tools include:

  •   Research database of over 23,000 subjects
  •   Private practice databases of over 60,000 subjects, from nearly all specialties
  •   Timely mail and email newsletters to databases
  •   Advertising

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