History CPR over the years

Dr. John Ervin began conducting clinical trials in 1986 simply to provide his patients with new treatment options. What started as a doctor’s dream to offer cutting-edge treatments his patients has grown into a large, full-service clinical research site with specialist physicians in nearly all therapeutic areas.

Over the past 31 years, The Center for Pharmaceutical Research has conducted over 730 studies in all areas of multispecialty research and employs over 40 healthcare professionals.

Dr. Ervin has earned a reputation for excellence not only in Kansas City, but also the national research community. The Center for Pharmaceutical Research’s commitment to excellence is demonstrated not only by the compassionate treatment they provide, but also by their strict adherence to ethical research and FDA guidelines.

Today The Center for Pharmaceutical Research offers clinical trials for infants, children, teenagers, adults, and senior citizens. Some clinical trials focus on preventing diseases, while others improve existing treatments or are completely new types of treatments for common diseases. Browse our list of current studies to see what we are studying right now.

The Alliance for Multispecialty Research, LLC (AMR) performs phase I, II, III, and IV clinical research trials to support pharmaceutical companies in the development new drugs, devices, and vaccines. AMR includes 15 locations and 2 affiliated member centers across the continental United States, 126 investigators, over 7,749 previous clinical trials, and access to databases of over 657,344 patients. As one company, AMR now offers improved efficiencies with the same exceptional quality and industry professionals you trust.
Please visit amrllc.com for more information.